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The 10 Commandments of Author Branding -Shayla Raquel


★★★★ ½

…your author brand is how and why readers fall in love with you and decide to read your book.

Writing is a solitary sport, but marketing? That one needs a few hands on deck.

Face it, you can write the world’s greatest book…but if no one is around to read it, you’re stuck up a creek.

Though Shayla Raquel’s 10 commandments of author branding, you can pinpoint your weakness, drum up some strategy and get your book into other people’s hands.

I loved Shayla’s pragmatic and bluntly honest approach to marketing books.

She doesn’t sugar-coat a thing – and when someone is self-publishing, you really need to find that someone who tells you how it is.

Even if you have the master marketer Seth Godin himself launch your book, it won’t matter if your book stinks like rotten eggs. You must have something that’s actually marketable…

I also really liked how she outlined the steps.

It was a lot of fun for me (as a book reviewer) to take a peek behind the scenes and see what the authors are up to.

I haven’t written a book but as a reviewer, I have read 200+ self-published and indie books.

Everything she said, I found myself nodding and agreeing over.

I learned that too many authors do the following: publish a book…create appalling websites …send the same ole boring emails…

So if you are at the beginning, middle or end of your book, I’d definitely suggest picking up a copy!

Interested in this one from Shayla Raquel? Buy it here:  Amazon

3 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments of Author Branding -Shayla Raquel

    1. I dabble in short stories… but nowadays, it’s cause I’m curious what happens behind the scenes. I’ve read and reviewed 383 books for authors and publishers in the last 2 years, with around 60-70% being self pub or indie.

      So I have a lot of experience evaluating books… and a surprising amount of authors have asked me to be their beta reader for future books or for advice navigating indie world.

      So whenever one of these books are offered, I check it out to learn for my own curiosity and to become a better beta reader. And so if someone asks, I have a few books to suggest.

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