The Story of Neil Armstrong – Sarah L. Thomson



With one step, he became the first human being to walk on another world…and one of the most famous astronauts of all time.

Before Neil Armstrong was a household name, he was a kid who loved the sky.

Around the time he was 15, Neil decided that he wanted to learn to fly.

This lovely little biography book celebrates the life of Neil from his earliest years to his training to his very first step on the moon.

I loved the flow of this story and I had so much fun learning more about the famous moon-walker.

His childhood and the steps he took to achieve his goal was a cool to learn about.

I adored the illustrations and the fun facts scattered throughout.

This was a fun addition to the Biography Books for New Readers series!

A Huge thank you to Rockridge Press, Callisto Publisher’s Club and Sarah L Thomson for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Sarah L. Thomson? Buy it here:  Amazon

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