Books that have been Beta’ed

Books Currently Being Beta’ed
  • Ship Whisperer by Valerie Mikles (est. fin. date: April 16th, 2021)
  • Mollie Qule, Private Detective by Linda Dobinson (est. fin. date: April 13th 2021)
Here are a few of the most recent books I’ve beta read:
  • Blown Away by JC D’Onofrio (unpublished)
  • The Cotton Blossom by Dawn Gardner (pub. 2020)
  • Dark Love by Dylan Jack (unpublished)
  • Dreams in Dixie by Arthur Lebroc (unpublished)
  • The Eyes of the Peacock by Dawn Gardner (unpublished)
  • Element Cats Book I by Willa Kline (unpublished)
  • The Faerie Princess by Monica Williams (under revision)
  • The Jade Butterfly by Dawn Gardner (pub. 2020)
  • No Man’s Ghost by Jason Powell (unpublished)
  • The Nowhere House (The Abby Normal Series #2) by Samuel Thomas Fraser (unpublished)
  • OBA King of Kings by Anita Nouni (unpublished)
  • Pacts by Harrison Wheeler (unpublished)
  • Untitled Middle Grade Series #1 by Carole P Roman (unpublished)
  • Untitled Standalone by Michael Okon (unpublished)
  • Untitled Series #3  by Michael Okon  (unpublished)
  • The Russian Resistance (Misfit Squadron #2) by Simon Brading (pub. 2019)
  • Whisper by Valerie J. Mikles (unpublished)