A sampling of feedback from authors who have been beta read by Miranda Reads:

“Miranda Reads is a treasured find in a beta reader. Miranda’s diverse educational background, plus her attention to detail makes her an able partner for any author. She has an affinity to find the most obscure plot holes and point out trouble spots in character development. Miranda was helpful in pointing out when information was not being conveyed in an understandable way. I wouldn’t dream of publishing without her invaluable knowledge as both a reader, a  top reviewer, and a beta reader.”

—Carole P. Roman and Brit Lunden,

author of Captain No Beard & Bulwark


“Miranda Reads is the perfect combination of what you need in a beta reader. Knowledgable, precise, and thorough, Miranda combs through a manuscript with the eye of a reader, reviewer, and beta reader. The perfect trifecta!  Her expertise is a welcome addition when polishing that final manuscript. I am delighted to add her to my team!”

— Michael Okon

author of Monsterland Series & Witches Protection Program


“I asked Miranda to beta read my latest novel The Jade Butterfly. Her comments and feedback were outstanding. As she went through the novel, she made gut-reactions comments to what she was reading. I loved this and it let me know as an author if I was hitting the mark or not. And by the same token, she expressed through her comments when she was confused by the writing. This allowed me to edit for clarity. Her concept feedback was thorough and led me to a better revised version of my novel. I highly recommend Miranda!”

–Dawn Gardner, author of The Jade Butterfly

“Miranda recently beta read my two hundred and fifty thousand word manuscript. She provided constant feedback throughout, first as immediate impressions then as an overall report. Miranda was available through the whole process and always responsive to emails. Her comments on what worked and what didn’t were invaluable in helping further improve my book. Throughout her extensive notes, her criticism was always constructive with a rationale and thoughts for improvement. Dollar for dollar she’s the best beta reader I’ve encountered.”

–Arthur Le Broc, author of Dreams in Dixie