The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook – Rita Mock-Pike

Oh look! It's Miranda Reads squirreling away yet another literary themed cookbook...how has her house not collapsed under the weight of all those books? On a side note, I've discovered once your collection of books grows large enough...people don't really notice when you add one or two more in per week (ha). As far as this book… Continue reading The Unofficial Hogwarts for the Holidays Cookbook – Rita Mock-Pike


Fictitious Dishes – Dinah Fried

So, on the one hand this book is gorgeous. Dina Fried began the book as actually a school project - photographing famous dishes from fiction (like Moby Dick's clam chowder, or roasted potatoes from the Secret Garden). Each dish is beautifully photographed with aesthetically pleasing dishes, backgrounds and linens - all trying to be accurate to the… Continue reading Fictitious Dishes – Dinah Fried


The Little Women Cookbook – Wini Moranville

You may be asking yourself just how many literary cookbooks could one person possibly own...the answer? Always at least one more. I swear, it's an addiction. So, this is my second Little Women Cookbook (the first one being The Little Women Cookbook and when comparing the two, I would say they are pretty even. They are both fabulous… Continue reading The Little Women Cookbook – Wini Moranville


Tea with Jane Austen – Pen Vogler

Long story short, this is YET ANOTHER literary cookbook for my collection and I'm no where near stopping. Bury me in my books for all I care. This is a gorgeous little hardcover about tea-themed recipes from Jane Austen's era. Many of them were taken directly from her letters or books, and then modernized slightly (after all, the cooking… Continue reading Tea with Jane Austen – Pen Vogler


The Theft of Sunlight – Intisar Khanani

The royal wedding is just around the corner. It's the talk of the town for all the nobles in the land but for Rae's family, it couldn't be further from their minds. Another child has been snatched. While child-snatching was a threat that Rae knew of before...it has never felt so real to her. Rae's… Continue reading The Theft of Sunlight – Intisar Khanani


What Breaths Through its Butt – Emily Grossman

Oh my gosh. So. The title got me right away - so fun and so zany! And the content is what sold the book for me. I love, love, love animal books and this one was no exception. I think what drew me to it was the formatting. Everyone and their mother has seen the kind of… Continue reading What Breaths Through its Butt – Emily Grossman


Les Misérables – Brooke Jorden

This book follows the classic tale by Victor Hugo. Jean Valjean is a French peasant in the 19th century who was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread. Nineteen years later, he's allowed out of jail and attempts to rebuild his life but tragedy continuously befalls him and those around him. Now for the board-book version of the… Continue reading Les Misérables – Brooke Jorden


Nickle Brickle’Bee – Sterling Nixon

Young Nickle spent most of his childhood bouncing around in foster homes...however a chance encounter and a particularly green thumb sends him on a path he never would've expected. Nickle discovers he's a dwarf in the sense that he has dwarvian magic. And from there he begins his adventure. School, training and eventual graduation - he's ready to go… Continue reading Nickle Brickle’Bee – Sterling Nixon

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Beware the Kitten Holy – Noelle Stevenson

I solemnly swear to do my best Every day, And in all that I do So, from what I can tell...the Lumberjanes are like super hardcore Girl Scouts on the set of a Supernatural summer camp. I loved this idea and there were definitely bits that I liked - in particular, I adored the all of… Continue reading Beware the Kitten Holy – Noelle Stevenson