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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer

★★★★ For all those people hating on the novella - calm down already Did it provide a unique and brilliant addition to the quadrilogy? Mmmm....questionable Was Bree's story essential to the series? Definitely not. Was it an enjoyable quick read? Absolutely. This novella takes place during Eclipse (the third twilight novel). During Book 3, we follow Bumbling Bella and the… Continue reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer

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Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You – Mary Feliciani

★★★ ½ Don't give up on the ideas and concepts you know are right but seem impossible to obtain. In this book, the author provides her take on several famous and inspirational figures. For the most part, this worked really well. I liked the bite-sized mini biographies and reading about the author's own thoughts and feelings was rather… Continue reading Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You – Mary Feliciani

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Seven Questions on a Saturday – Brian Pacini

Brian Pacini, author of the wildly popular Young Adult series, The Decades, began his literary journey with The Tribe of Iodine Wine and recently has  written an absolutely stunning sequel, The Queen of What Remains. He is well- known for his realism, phenomena characters and not being afraid to confront global and political issues head-on. As Denver native, Brian Pacini works… Continue reading Seven Questions on a Saturday – Brian Pacini

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Dark Web – Talia Vines

★★★ ½ He knows, I thought, swallowing. He knows you're false. Wren, a horse instructor, comes from old money...that has long since run out. Her parents have passed away, her brother is in jail and she lives above a carriage house. A far cry from her grandmother's society life. Wren is approached by agent Tribecca Jones and… Continue reading Dark Web – Talia Vines

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Bulwark – Brit Lunden

Just a quick note - I am absolutely delighted to announce a giveaway via Rafflecopter for one of five signed copies of Brit Lunden's alter ego (Carole P Roman)'s  Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?  and the grand prize includes a $25 Amazon gift card. For more details: click here for the giveaway (ending 8/16/19)! ★★★★ ½ "Who… Continue reading Bulwark – Brit Lunden

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Monsterland – Michael Okon

★★★★★ "Monsterland is the safest place on Earth." The world survived the apocalypse...barely. The plague is contained but the economy and most of society is still crippled. And while the rest of the world is twiddling their thumbs, Doctor Vincent Konrad has found a way to...repurpose the horrors. "I have put together an excellent team… Continue reading Monsterland – Michael Okon