Contact & Review Policy

Format and Type

I strongly prefer hard copies but will accept digital books gifted via Amazon or through Netgalley.

I specialize in YA and fantasy but I will read just about anything. I am not interested in reviewing poetry or erotica.

Social Media Policy

After I read and review, I will post my review to Goodreads and Amazon. I try to post images of books that I enjoy (~90% of what is sent to me) on my social media.

Honesty Policy

Please keep in mind that I strongly believe in providing honest reviews regardless of whether you provided me with a free copy. I will not write a fluff piece if I did not like your book. I will provide constructive criticism in my review. I reserve the right to refuse to read it if your book is poorly edited or if it is overly explicit.

Book Ratings

5 Stars – This book is THE ONE. Loved it. Recommended it. I walked uphill both ways in a blizzard with a small child strapped in my back to buy it. I will leave it in my will to my favorite child.

4 Stars – Pretty Fabulous Book. No, I would not set up a trust fund to ensure this book’s care for the next hundred years but all things considered, I enjoyed it. I’m emotionally invested and marginally devastated if the rest of the series doesn’t pan out.

3 Stars – It’s good or great. There’s a few issues or a really unlikeable character that ruined it (I.e. build a vaccine for a fungal infection. Star crossed lovers after two pages. Catchphrases. Moist.).

2 Stars – I had a hard time with this one. I gave this one a shot but it committed far too many cardinal sins of grammar, common sense, good taste, basic science, (etc) that it was a struggle to get through.

1 Star – No Thanks. If by some misfortune that I had it, I wouldn’t give it away for fear of inflicting it on someone else. It’s the equivalent to the free bibles handed out on books – no one wants it.

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