Information & Application


Are you looking for honest, unfiltered feedback about what works (and doesn’t) for your  latest book? Then look no further!

I have read and reviewed over 400 books from self-published and indie writers – often being contacted for feedback on their second or third book. Since then, I’ve discovered a passion for beta reading – I love having the opportunity to build stories up and bring them to publication.

Services Provided:

As an experienced beta reader and book reviewer, I will offer detailed comments (~ once per page) regarding plot and character development, writing style and dialogue. I will also address pacing, setting and other aspects that impact the enjoyment and structure of the story. I am a graduate student (going for my PhD in biophysics) so I am able to provide accurate and reliable feedback for stories that rely on various scientific concepts. 

In addition, I will provide a summary (1.5 pages min, single spaced) regarding overall thoughts and impressions of this draft and will be available for some discussion regarding my comments. My goal is to give the author an idea of the strengths and weaknesses in the story and any major plot holes that stand out.

This is ideal for authors looking for preliminary editing feedback as they continue to  prepare their final drafts.

What doesn’t get addressed:

I will not be acting as a line editor or proofreader – I may comment here and there about a particularly tangled sentence but I will not be commenting on spelling mistakes or punctuation errors. Ideally, the manuscript will be sent with few errors because it becomes difficult to focus on the story when it is littered with grammatical errors.

Format & Genres

I prefer to work with google docs or Microsoft word.

I am open to all genres except for erotica or poetry.

Pricing & turnaround time:

$2.50 for every thousand words

Turnaround time is 2 weeks or less. Please allow additional time for manuscripts over 70k words.

Thank you so much for considering me and I look forward to working with you!