Review Policy

I will be delighted to read and review your book! Reading and reviewing is my dream. Please read before contacting me at


I strongly prefer hard copies but will accept kindle copies or .mobi formatted books.

Books Accepted

I love delving into new genres and I will read just about anything. I specialize in YA, fantasy and contemporary. However, there are a few types of books that I do not enjoy – namely poetry, erotica and anything with insta-love. If your book follows any of those, it’s safe to say I will not be a good reviewer for your book.

Social Media Policy

After I read and review, I will post my review to Goodreads and Amazon. I try to post images of books that I enjoy (~90% of what is sent to me) on my social media – including my instagram account.

Honesty Policy

Please keep in mind that I strongly believe in providing honest reviews regardless of whether you provided me with a free copy. I will not write a fluff piece if I did not like your book but I will provide constructive criticism in my review. If your book is poorly

Book Ratings

5 Stars – This book is THE ONE. Loved it. Recommended it. I walked uphill both ways in a blizzard with a small child strapped in my back to buy it. I will leave it in my will to my favorite child.

4 Stars – Pretty Fabulous Book. No, I would not set up a trust fund to ensure this book’s care for the next hundred years but all things considered, I enjoyed reading it and will read the sequel (if possible). I’m emotionally invested and marginally devastated if the rest of the series doesn’t pan out.

3 Stars – It’s good or great. There’s a few issues or a really unlikeable character that ruined it (I.e. build a vaccine for a fungal infection. Star crossed lovers after two pages. Catchphrases. Moist.).

2 Stars – I just don’t like it. This book committed far too many cardinal sins of grammar, common sense, good taste, basic science, etc. I’m rolling my eyes so hard that the lady next to me thinks I’m possessed. This book is equivalent to those little free bibles people hand out on corners. Nobody wants it.

1 Star – No Thanks. If by some misfortune that I had it, I wouldn’t give it away for fear of inflicting it on someone else. Good for tinder, not much elseedited, I reserve the right to refuse to read it.