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Some Good News – BookTube Special Edition

Hi all! The first episode of Some Good News - BookTube Special Edition is up! I'm so excited to share it all with you - it was such a fun and exciting challenge. A huge thank you to all of the authors and contributors to this adventure. Michael Leannah If you'd like to submit your Good… Continue reading Some Good News – BookTube Special Edition

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Witches Protection Program – Michael Okon

★★★★★ Wes laughed..."I don't believe in witches, sir." "By the time you're done, oh, I promise you'll believe in witches." Wes, a young, ambitious government agent is about to have the shock of a lifetime. And it all started with...a failure...surprisingly enough. "You disappointed me, your family, and the entire force." Wes has always had big… Continue reading Witches Protection Program – Michael Okon