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Bloodline – J.D. Martin

★★★★ "Oh, God. You chopped them up, didn't you?" Alex Saint, part-time-detective, part-time-professional-murderer is considering a career change. He used to spend one week a year carefully killing all the murderers, rapists and thugs that escaped from the Kansas City PD, known as "Blood Week." But, that blooming career has fizzled out recently. He was nearly caught and he's had to… Continue reading Bloodline – J.D. Martin

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The Winter Soldier – Daniel Mason

★★★★ ½ There was something quite primitive and horrid about it. Lucius has always (always) wanted to be a doctor. Despite his parents many objections, there was never any doubt in his mind what he was going to do. Well, until WWI broke out. Faced with the absolutely terrifying new world, Lucius takes an opportunity to obtain firsthand experience… Continue reading The Winter Soldier – Daniel Mason

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Aftermath – Tom Lewis

  ★★★★ ½ Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman! Aliens enslaving the human race! Paige O'Connor (part-time sarcastic snit, part-time teenage hoodlum) along with her brother are having just about the worst possible day ever. Actually, most of the world is having the worst day ever. “This isn’t the end of humanity,… Continue reading Aftermath – Tom Lewis

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The Silver Ninja – Wilmar Luna

★★★ ½ She earned this suit and had every intention of using it. Cindy Ames, a former NYPD officer, currently alternates between gymnastic teacher and security guard - a far cry from what she once was. Two years ago, she lost her partner in a horrendous incident, which cost Cindy her badge, her dignity and her pride. You… Continue reading The Silver Ninja – Wilmar Luna

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The Caterpillar – Errol Fern

★★★★ Ahhh! Such a cute book! A little caterpillar is feeling really lonely. He spends all his free time on his own, or watching the other bugs play together merrily. Instead of eating the leaf, the caterpillar used it to dry up his eyes..." He just doesn't understand why people don't like him (though he thinks it might because he's… Continue reading The Caterpillar – Errol Fern