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Rise and Run – R.J. Plant



“What’s the point of having a life if you don’t have the freedom to enjoy it…?”

There’s a small, quirky detail about the twins Conor and Felix that really makes them unique – they share the same body thanks to an secret government experiment.

And the government is not happy that they escaped.

Because we are dangerous…I don’t know about you, Felix, but I want a life. Even if it is yours.

Due to genetic tampering, when Conor is in control then Felix is completely out cold. If Felix is mobile, then Conor can still retain his consciousness but cannot move a muscle.

Conor has always been quicker to judge, quicker to act.When young Conor’s actions have some very, very dire consequences, Rian (surrogate father) finds his own mad scientist.

I can work on a suppressant to keep the more violent genome – that’s Conor – from being expressed…”

Conor spent the last ten years completely trapped in Felix’s body only now the tables have turned and he is out to play.

I really enjoyed this one! 

I thought Plant balanced the characters really well – which is a tough thing to do considering they’re twins sharing the same body.

I didn’t have enough experience in the world for this. My life as a passenger left me completely unprepared.

I loved the way she humanized Conor while keeping his brutal and efficient ways intact. (That being said, I kind of wanted to see him even more extreme).

Plant was spot-on with the banter – something I love in a book. How cold you not love lines like this:

“It was a barfight, not a hit.”
“It pays to have finesse either way.”

or this?

“I don’t make mistakes, Felix.”
“With an attitude like that, it’s rather easy to see how you could.”

I do have to say – this is one of those books that you just have to be prepared to accept the science as-is. Don’t think, don’t question – just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I cannot wait to see what R. J. Plant writes next!

Interested in this one from R.J. Plant? Pick up your copy from:  Amazon

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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