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Who’s Minding the Store? – David Lucero


Who says the customer is always right?

This book brings out a whole new definition of “retail therapy.”

Derrick Payton, assistant manager, just received a huge promotion. He’s the new manager of a local branch of The Design -a one-stop-shop for all home remodeling needs.

And while this promotion is something he’s been waiting on for years, there are a few strings attached…or should I say chains?

Corporate wants to close Derrick’s store – there’s too many branches in the area, the store is mismanaged and overall lackluster.

Derrick is determined not to let this opportunity pass but opposition strikes from all directions. His workers refuse to do the most basic of tasks, his assistant managers seem not to care and Tina from HR has a posse out to get him.

“Good. Would you do me a favor, and introduce me to everyone?”
Tina’s laugh held a tinge of sarcasm. “Your first day here, and you’re already looking for favors?”

He’s going to have to pull through by the skin of his teeth – because no one, not the staff, not the customers and even not the CEOs will hold him back from turning this store around.

As the new kid on the block, Derrick was expected to speak softly, and mind his manners.
Well, they could kiss his ass.

What a surprising delight! David Lucero masterfully wrangles absolute retail chaos into an absolutely entertaining novel full of sass and humor.

I felt to bad for Derrick – he had so much to do in such little time. He handled everything so well despite the tension, the anxiety. the stress and more!

I did struggle a bit with the sheer amount of characters. Derrick prides himself on knowing everyone in the store, so the audience has a lot of names thrown at them. Unfortunately, I could keep track of “the big bads” and a few others but a lot of them faded into the background.

Though, every so often there’d be one or two that would stand out – like Janette (oh, I loved her so much).

Then Janette said, “You need to get laid…That way you won’t feel the need to fuck the people you work with.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I found it to be hilarious and heartwarming with enough petty revenge to keep me satisfied for a lifetime. This is definitely one for the ages!

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from David Lucero? Buy it here:  Amazon

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