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Just Play Along – Janna Ariane Lorenzo



I didn’t understand why I still felt butterflies in my stomach every time I saw her, but it made me feel good inside

All it took was one awkward and embarrassing day on Dylan’s part (which included, but not limited to: dressing as a cupid – with the diaper – and handing out holiday grams) for him and Louise to become inseparable.

Love is…Love is an eternity thing

They were high schoolers in love – and not the typical puppy-dog-love (okok, there was a bit of the puppy-dog-love but it was the cute kind).

They started dating – on Valentine’s day – and were together right until the moment where Dylan broke Louise’s heart.

Dylan was (and is) crushed by this. He knows he irrevocably hurt her and it’s tearing him up inside. Even years later, he can barely stand to look himself in the mirror. Every Valentine’s day, he relives what he’s done.

chance encounter at a Valentine’s party leaved Dylan in absolute confusion. He sees Louise – for the first time in years – and she’s…normal? Spacey? Confused? Something isn’t right and Dylan absolutely has to know what’s happened and if he can fix it.

Sometimes, you just absolutely need a dishy, hilarious and sweet novel to curl up to – and this was certainly it.

The humor was right up my alley, the dialogue felt genuine and the mystery of what happened to their seemingly perfect relationship was enough to keep my interest.

The only (minor) thing that threw me for a loop was the whole “plot driven by secrets”  thing (a personal pet peeve). But honestly, I barely noticed – I was too caught up in the story.

With thanks to the author and Outskirts Press for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Janna Ariane Lorenzo? Buy it here:  Amazon |  Barnes and Noble

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