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Field Trip to the Alpaca Farm – Kathy Kuzck



Absolutely loved this one!

Mrs. Owen introduced the children to two alpacas, Cody and Snarf…they had been best friends since they were born.

Miss Sutter brings her elementary class to Rainbow’s End Alpacas to get to know all the ins and outs of an alpaca farm.


Her class loves the field trip – they get to meet so many fluffy animals and  are absolutely ecstatic to learn how they are taken care of.


They (especially Wyatt) ask about a million questions –

“If you shave off all their fiber do they have to wear long johns to keep warm?”

which Mrs. Owen patiently answers. (By the way, the answer is yes, if the alpacas are young enough – they totally DO wear pajamas! ).

Wyatt gets in a bit of trouble but ultimately everyone has a fabulous time.

Eventually the class has to go home, but before they leave, Wyatt makes sure to say one last thing to his new Alpaca friends:

“Good-bye Cody, good-bye Snarf, good-bye Duncan, good-bye Levi, good-bye Callie, good-bye Fiona, good-bye Annabelle…”

“Just get on the bus,” said Miss Sutter.

I absolutely adored this book! 

I had the pleasure of visiting the farm in Norway, MI (in the UP) a few weeks ago on a family vacation – it was (in short) magnificent. 

I loved how the owners took such incredibly good care of their Alpacas – you could just tell that their animals were treated like family.

The alpacas were so friendly and gentle. I got to feed so many of the fuzzy fellas – which if you have not done, I highly recommend!


The way their lips just wiggle with excitement for food – I know, it sounds weird but trust me, it is the cutest effing thing I ever did see.


The alpaca farm has a lovely little shop where they sell yarn and other items made from the alpacas.

After picking up some cards to send to my grandma, I was absolutely delighted to discover that they published their very own book!

I loved the illustrations and the simple curiosity of the children in the book.

The fuzzy creatures were so freaking cute

Wyatt’s spunky attitude and curiosity made the book truly memorable.

I think it would be extremely appealing for younger audiences – especially the way the book conveys all cool alpaca facts.

Absolutely lovely from cover to cover.

Interested in this one from Kathy Kuczek? Buy it here:  Amazon

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