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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer


For all those people hating on the novella – calm down already

Did it provide a unique and brilliant addition to the quadrilogy? Mmmm….questionable

Was Bree’s story essential to the series? Definitely not.

Was it an enjoyable quick read? Absolutely.

This novella takes place during Eclipse (the third twilight novel). During Book 3, we follow Bumbling Bella and the Sparklers as they prepare for the war against Vamp Vixen Victoria. 

When Victoria’s mate (James) gets offed in Book 1, she begins planning her ultimate revenge. The old adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” takes on a whole new meaning.

That revenge involved Bree and a bunch of other kids from the dregs of society. Our Vamp Vixen convinces Riley (another new-ish vamp) to create an army of newborn vampires to attack the Cullens. 

As we know from Eclipse, these teen-vamps were to be used as fodder while Victoria attacked our clumsy heroine (though honestly, Vicky could’ve probably killed Bella by scattering a bag of marbles in her bedroom and wait for the hapless girl to trip & die).

Bree Tanner is one of those new vamps. And this is her story.

We meet a bunch of absolutely useless characters (they’re all fodder) and a few interesting/memorable ones…though Stephenie Meyer (to my knowledge) never used them again. So, they were a bit pointless. Bree was an interesting character but ultimately there’s no point in investing too much emotional attachment to her (we all know what happens in Eclipse).

All in all, I liked it – a fun read and an interesting take on the Cullens from the outside.

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Audiobook Comments
Read by Emma Gavin, the ultimate queen of teen novels. Seriously. Nearly YA novel I’ve listened to has her as a narrator. She was excellent (as always)!

Interested in this one from Stephenie Meyer? Buy it here:  Amazon

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