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The Knowing: A Bulwark Anthology – Brit Lunden



Folks didn’t like strangers in Bulwark.

Bulwark, Georgia has always unusual town to say the least.

People had no business traveling in that direction. Strange stories had always come from that end…

JB Stratton, born and raised in Bulwark, always expected to live his entire life on his father’s peanut farm.

But then…something happened. 

Something that completely changed the direction of everything he thought he knew.

“It’s the Knowing. It’s that feeling when you gonna meet your someone special.”

Ellie moved to town and instantly he knew that she was going to be his something special – and much to his delight, she felt the same.

“I knew it from the minute I saw you. You were meant for me.”

However, JB always knew he wasn’t good enough – his destiny was a peanut farm and hers was so much more.

Will he find the courage to speak up or will he let everything drift away?

A wonderful addition to the Bulwark series!

After reading the first novel, I was very curious about a few of the side characters (especially grumpy and widowed JB) and I loved how Lunden chose to explore JB’s backstory in this novel.

We focus mainly on JB’s younger days and his pursuit of Ellie, a girl who he thought was far above him.

He was truly a sweet character. I loved his character arc and was cheering for him the entire time.

I do wish the strangeness of Bulwark played a larger role in this one – so much potential for subplots and distractions, but they were largely unaddressed in favor of the love story.

Which, I truly enjoyed… just with such a rich setting, I wanted more page space devoted to the weird and wonderful!

Guess I’ll have to read more of this anthology to find out about the mysterious Bulwark then!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Brit Lunden? Buy it here:  Amazon


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