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Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids: 50 Steam Projects You Can Eat! – Megan Olivia Hall



Science is about understanding the natural world by asking questions and finding answers. Food is a fantastic (and delicious) way to dig into those questions…

Megan Olivia Hall is a huge fan of science and food and so she’s written a book combining the two in a wholly unique way.

…a window into the world of authentic – and delicious – STEAM experiments.

This book has fifty edible and fun activities to do with your child to help foster a love for science or cooking (or both).

There are experiments (aka recipes) designed around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

From learning about how yeast makes bread rise to designing marshmallow catapults to making edible dyes – there’s something for everyone.

Science is messy and mistakes are to be expected.

One thing I really liked about this book was that most of the recipes included are actually useful – as in they aren’t just there to make a mess in the kitchen.

There’s plenty of activities designed so that the kids get to contribute to the dinner table – such as making the perfect grilled cheese, learning how to make butter, understanding how to make strawberry jam, (etc).

I really like how this book is accompanied by bright, bold colors and fabulous pictures.

All in all – I loved this book and I cannot wait to try out some of these experiments on my own!!

With thanks to the Callisto Publisher’s Club, Rockridge Press and Yung In Chae for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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