The Art of Harry Potter (Mini Book): Mini Book of Creatures – Insight Editions



Wizards and Muggles may get most of the focus in the Harry Potter films, but the Wizarding World wouldn’t be nearly as enchanting without the myriad of fantastic beasts that dwell within it.

The Art of Harry Potter focuses exclusively on the concept design and early images of the most popular beasts featured in the movies.

We get to learn a little of the background behind the artwork:

Some of the species featured in the films are entirely new creations that dwell only within J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, allowing the artists free rein to visualize without any preconceived notions.

Each animal is accompanied by quotes from the book and various sketches and full-colored images from the concept art.

I did love the size of this book – and yes, I do have a mini bookshelf for all my miniatures!

It had a fairly good balance between images and text, but I would have liked a bit more background about the artists and the animals…but this is a really short book, so it had to cram a lot into it.


Overall, this was a fun, short book – perfect for those (like me) who are absolutely addicted to miniatures.

Interested in this one from Talia Vines? Buy it here:  Amazon

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