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Kerry’s Party Sunday – Linda Dobinson


Latest Booktube Video ranks all the books I read in February.

While you probably know where this one stands based on my review…but check out the video to see the rest!

The Written Review:


★★★★ ½

‘Where are you going to go?’
‘London,’ said Leroy decisively.

Kerry’s Saturday was crazy busy – with the dog kidnapping among other things – and she’s looking forward to a relaxing Sunday…or so she thought.

A new boy moved to her neighborhood, Leroy, and he’s on the run – from aliens! 

Late last night, aliens visited Leroy and he survived only because his dad unwittingly scared them off.

Immediately Kerry decides to help her new friend stay safe!

And she quickly finds out that escaping from aliens is by far the least of her adventures that’ll happen today!

Mrs. Whister (Kerry’s elderly neighbor) has a clue to a potential treasure hunt, Sophie (Kerry’s cousin) has a birthday party AND to top it all, Jacob (the school bully), is lurking behind every corner to ready to foil their plan.

It’s going to be a wild, wild party Sunday.

Kerry shrieked again. ‘Leroy,the aliens have come to get you.”

Oh my gosh – this one was BRILLIANT!

I had so much fun reading it!

I really didn’t know what to expect going in and I was pleasantly surprised as I was swept up on this journey!

The plot was fast-paced. I never knew what was happening next but enjoyed the adventure nonetheless!

The characters were particularly well done. The kids were precocious without ever dipping into annoying territory and really kept my attention glued to this book.

Kerry was such a smart cookie – it was so much fun to follow her around! Leroy was adorable (and so relateable!).

And, above all, I was impressed with the way Dobinson portrayed the bully in this book.

That kid has everything, thought Jacob, resentfully.

So many books have the bully as a one-dimensional “bad” guy but this book gives a peek into Jacob’s home life and provides an explanation (though not an excuse) for his behavior.

The way she fleshed out the “bad” kid’s personality really helped induce empathy for his situation.

Overall, I was really taken with this story. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this series to continue – I would love to see what other adventures Kerry gets up to AND I’m crossing my fingers that Jacob gets a redemption arc!

A huge thank you to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Linda Dobinson? Buy it here:  Amazon


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