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All About Weather – Huda Harajli MA


Weather changes all the time. It helps you decide how to spend the day.

Are YOU between ages 3-5 ane for an honest reviewd have ever looked up to the sky and wanted to know why?

Why is it changing outside all the time? What does it mean? What’s up with the clouds? Why are always changing? (And much, much more?)

Well, look no further! This handy little guide is for you!

Clouds might look light and fluffy but they’re very heavy. One cloud can weigh more than one million pounds!

This adorable little book is a fun and educational take on what the weather is and what it does.

It goes through all the seasons and teaches about what to expect during what weather.

Is the sun shining today? Put on your coolest shades!

There’s even a bit of science to explain how rain works, why thunderstorms happen and more!

Look outside after a thunderstorm and you might see a rainbow.

The illustrations are so much fun – vibrant, colorful and exciting. I loved the variety of characters present and bold style!

This adorable little books is perfect for the little why-monster in your life!

A huge thank you to Huda Harajli and Rockridge press for sending a free copy to me in exchang

One thought on “All About Weather – Huda Harajli MA

  1. Great review, Miranda!!! I’m reminded of what I used to tell my kids when they were little people. “Why don’t you become a meteorologist?” I’d say. Of course they wanted to know why. “Because it’s the only profession where you can be wrong repeatedly and still get paid!!!” LOL! They chose different professions, but maybe I didn’t read weather books to them early enough!!!


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