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Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience – Carole P Roman



“…we are adding a new member to our ship,” said the captain.

Captain No Beard’s crew has been through a lot of adventures and the next one is right around the corner!

Captain No Beard, Mongo the money, Linus the lion, Fribbet the Frog and Hallie (Captain No Beard’s cousin) have bonded and formed a strong team.

And then someone new comes along – Pepper the Parrot.

The crew welcomes Pepper with open arms (or paws) but soon they realize that it can be a little difficult to bring someone into the group.

“Now I think its time to practice some drills.”

Everyone has their own little routines and chores…and at first there’s no where for Pepper to go and everything the little parrot tries fails.

“Avast, Pepper,” Hallie called out. “Screaming will get you nowhere.”

Will Pepper be able to fit in with these sea-faring friends? Or will the parrot have to leave the ship?

All in all – this one is so much fun!

I am adoring this series and it is developing so well!

I love how subtly Carole P Roman fits in the life lessons – you don’t realize until much later what she was angling for.

I adored Pepper the Parrot and my heart went out to the little gal – fitting in with a new group of friends (especially a group that has been established for a while!) can be difficult.

As always, the illustrations were perfect and completely lifted the book to the next level. The watercolor style and signature look of the characters really is iconic to this series.

All in all – adorable! Loved it!!

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Carole P Roman? Buy it here:  Amazon

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