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Granted by John David Anderson



A wish is many things. It is apprehension and anticipation. It is lucky coins and dandelion fluff and rainbows stretching to forever.

Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets is a fairy of the highest caliber – she has the honor, privilege and responsibility of being a Granter.

Granters are the select few who get to leave Haven (their magical safe house (ok, actually a safe tree)) and fly out into the world to grant a human wish.

Wish-granting is responsible for all fairy magic…only things have been going wrong latelywishes are being granted.

Ophelia has spent her time on desk-work ever since she joined the Granters but…after a few strings are pulled and a few lucky circumstances…she has managed to get her first mission!

Only, things go terribly wrong within minutes of flying out and Ophelia is left with a choice – turn round and give up? Or press on and grant that wish – no matter what! 
(I think you know which one she chooses…)

In short – this one was an absolute winner. 

I loved the fast-paced, hilarious and whimsical world of faries.

They were hilarious and touching, sweet but sassy and (above all) an absolute delight to read about!

Ophelia was just the kind of heroine I love to read about – she’s so smart, determined and strong. 

She knew what she wanted and how to get there (mostly!).

Wishes are made in moments of wonder and desperation. Wishes are prayers without a salutation and minus an amen.

And the companions she met along the way were absolutely wonderful – so sweet and kind.

This book made

Of course, just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If anything, that just makes it harder when you’re suddenly face-to-face with it.

Audiobook Comments
Exceptionally well-read – absolutely loved listening to this one on audio!

Interested in this one from John David Anderson? Buy it here:  Amazon

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