Summer World – Bernd Heinrich



The world right now seems dead, but some birds are already stirring…they hop where the snow has melted…

I quite liked this fresh take on the warmest season.

From the very moment the frost dies away, the world is awakening.

Summer is a time of green, urgency, and lots of love lost and found.

This lovely little book teaches about nature – from the bugs to the birds, and everything in between.

In particular, I loved all the science behind the season.

Both the flowering and the leafing out determine the insect populations, which in turn make the summer world possible for the majority of birds and most mammals.

Heinrich didn’t just list facts, he also went into scientific studies and observations to understand how and why things happened the way they did in the summer.

I did listen to the audiobook, and after a bit things did get a little samey but I think that’s just cause without pictures, it got a little difficult to hold all those facts in my head.

But as a whole, I was quite pleased with this book – I felt like I learned so much and I cannot wait to pick up other books by this author.

And would you look at that, summer is right around the corner!Interested in this one from Bernd Heinrich? Buy it here:  Amazon

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