House of Ash & Brimstone – Megan Starks



Gisele Walker landed in the fighting pit face-first, and her mouth flooded with mud.

Gisele is a fighter – she’s been one all her life – and this latest heist? She’s confident she could handle it.

It was supposed to be an easy gig – take a object and deliver it to a certain someone.

Breaking in had been easy. Sneaking back out? Not so much.

>Annnd now…let’s just say that things are getting a little complicated.

Gisele is half-demon, so hypothetically she’s more than enough for whatever comes her way…but when she’s paired with Shade (a full-demon), that “little complicated” just got pushed into the “difficult” category.

Baltimore’s mundane residents might have accepted that demons lived among them. But that didn’t mean they liked it.

As her city begins burning, and creatures begin crawling out of the woodwork, it’s going to take a whole lot more than a “I’m sorry” to fix things.

But then again, her feelings were rarely—if ever—wrong.

Whew! This one was INTENSE but also a LOT of fun.

I thought the plot was fresh and exciting. I really had no idea where it was taking me but I enjoyed the journey so much!

I loved the world-building that Starks crafted. I’m a sucker for half-demon or demon books where the beings strive to be good.

I also thought it was fun how Starks set up the culture-clash between the supernaturals and the humans.

I loved Gisele’s snappy character and Shade’s dark-and-mysterious brooding. I do think sometimes the infighting got to be too much but for the most part it was a fun dynamic as the two of them played off each other.

All in all – this one was fun and I’m happy to have read it!

A huge thank you to Megan Starks for sending me a free copy in exchange for a honest review

Interested in this one from Megan Starks? Buy it here:  Amazon

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