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Essential Seafood Cookbook – Terri Dien



Seafood cookbooks can be intimidating but this one, dedicated to the home chef, is sophisticated yet unpretentious, and very rewarding.

I’m definitely one of those people who LOVE trying new recipes and yet…I’m always shying away from the scary ones – like fancy fish.

So, when I saw this books was up for review – I decided to take the plunge and give it a shot.

The author has had a lot of experience with seafood and I appreciated that level of expertise.

As a chef instructor, I learned that the best recipes are the simple ones that celebrate the fish as it is.

I also adored the author’s attitude towards the meal prep and types of recipes offered in this book.

These recipes are written for what people really want: simple, creative, approachable techniques.

This book begins with explaining common seafood terms and then goes into the recipes.

There’s breakfast and brunch – which goes from a lovely smoked salmon benedict to Hangton Fry.

Appetizers and Salads includes the classic crab cakes, cerviche and even clams casino.

Soups and Sandwiches include Quick & Easy Oyster Po’ Boys, Lobster Rolls and Salmon Burgers.

The Entrees section has the most recipes – and they look the yummiest. There’s Lowcountry Boil, Fish tacos, Oysters Rockefeller and seared scallops.

There are tons of gorgeous pictures scattered in the book.

I’ve tried a few of the simpler ones so far (tuna noodle casserole) and grilled shrimp kebobs with pesto sauce and both dishes came out really well.

I’m really excited to dive into the recipes that tale me out of my comfort zone!

In this book, you’ll find different cuisines to experiment with and techniques to make you more confident in cooking seafood.

A huge thank you to Rockridge Press, Callisto Publisher’s Club and Terri Dien for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Terri Dien? Buy it here:  Amazon

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