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Failsafe – Anela Deen


Ahhh! I’m so excited to publish this BookTube Unboxing Video and book review!

The Written Review



“We’re at a tipping point, Sol. You feel it too, We don’t have a lot of time left.”

Seventeen-year-old Sol has lived her entire life on the settlement – no one is allowed in or out.

The Interspace, the sentient computer, is in control of their lives and the remaining humans are clinging to life by the skin of their teeth.

Sol is the only one who can take a peek into the network that governs their lives and see what the Interspace is planning behind the scenes.

But that ability comes with a cost – fits of epilepsy occur whenever she connects to the grid.

Despite her disability, she’s the best person to do supply runs for her community…but the most recent run quickly goes south.

The drones catch on and Sol is in danger. Serious danger.

And just when things seem bleakest, she meets Echo. He saves her and despite his initial strangeness, she’s excited to have someone to go on a run of a lifetime.

“Human cooperation functions much better with mutual understanding, does it not?”
“We call it friendship, Echo.”

Together, Sol and Echo plan to turn off the Interspace and save humanity. And maybe fall in love along the way.

“Define the variables.”
“There’s no equation, Echo. People develop a bond…It’s a feeling. You know when you know.”

Ahhh. I loved this book so much!

The plot was fast and exciting. It was a fun adventure and I was so curious about the world.

I loved how Adela Deen developed Sol as a main character – she grew so well over such few pages. I also appreciated how Deen didn’t “fix” Sol.

So many books introduce a character with a disability and then they’re magically cured by the end of the book – Sol was herself through and through. She worked with her disability and didn’t allow it to hold her back.

Above all, I adored Echo as a character – he was so robotic and cute.

His introduction to humanity made the book for me and honestly the plot came completely secondary because I had so much fun watching him interact with Sol.

All in all, I loved this book!

A HUGE thank you to Anela Deen for sending this my way!

Interested in this one from Anela Deen? Buy it here:  Amazon

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