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The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn


★★ ½

My head was once a filing cabinet. Now it’s a flurry of papers, floating on a draft.

Agoraphobic Anna Fox resides in New York City.

She’s found ways around anything and everything that she needs – whether it be grocery delivery, hiring a handyman or cases of her favorite wine every few months.

She will never need to leave her house and can get numb the pain as much as she wants.

“My dear girl, you cannot keep bumping your head against reality and saying it is not there.”

She spends her time observing the neighbors – keeping track of the gossip, watching the children get older, and more.

Watching is like nature photography: You don’t interfere with the wildlife.

And then, the Russells move in across the way.

A father, mother and teenage son. Anna is immediately struck by how perfect the family is.

But then…the unthinkable happens. She sees someone – someone who she thinks she knows – crumble to the floor in the Russells’ kitchen – dead.

And yet, no one believes her. To them, she’s just a staggering drunk shut-in.

But she knows what she saw. And she needs to get help – and fast – otherwise the next person could be her.

Overall, objectively this one was fairly good.

It started slow but picked up. The ending was simply un-put-downable. I quite enjoyed it.

But I’m getting really tired of the unreliable narrator with a drinking problem. It’s just something that I feel like I’ve read so many times (Girl on the Train, Woman in Cabin 10, etc).

It made the book feel predictable, and even the big surprises felt like minor twists because I read the other two books (mentioned above).

Ah well.

It did provide an amusing few hours.

Interested in this one from A.J. Finn? Buy it here:  Amazon

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