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Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography – Neil Patrick Harris



Ahh…Quaint childhood, a few lucky breaks and then success, success, success.

The classic celebrity memoir...or is it?

You come in weighing a very average, very sexy seven pounds, seven ounces. As it happens, that is also the exact weight of an Emmy Award. Coincidence? Yes … but true fact? No.

What if memoirs didn’t have to be all filmographies, name-dropping and dry parental issues?

What if…you could pick out what happens yourself?

Well…that sounds like a rather good idea after all…

So pluck up your courage and take that risk! Add another story to the book of your life. Even if it doesn’t go the way you planned or wanted, you’ll still learn from it. Adventure

Overall – this was an incredibly fun memoir.

I knew of NPH from his HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) days and absolutely loved his over-the-top character…but I was always curious where the acting stopped and where he began.

This memoir has that covered! I learned so much about his life and various adventures – some real, some imagined.

I listened to the audiobook version, so I didn’t truly have a choose-your-own-adventure vibe from it but I still had fun.

There were a few twists and turns (dead-ends!) sprinkled in that made it all the more enjoyable.

But magic is like pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good.

All in all, I was so happy to spend my time listening to this book!

Interested in this one from Neil Patrick Harris? Buy it here:  Amazon

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