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Gathering Moss – Robin Wall Kimmerer


Shout out to this fabulous book, it made a guest appearance in my latest YouTube Video (all about making fun nature things out of felt).

The written review:

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There is an ancient conversation going on between mosses and rocks, poetry to be sure. About light and shadow and the drift of continents.

Dr Kimmerer takes us on a walk through the wild, intricate and utterly unforgettable world of mosses.

She has spent years studying one of the smallest plants on earth – mosses.

Electron microscopes let us wander the remote universe of our own cells.

Mosses are incredibly common but often shuttled into the background. They aren’t towering like trees or flowering like plants but they are uniquely beautiful and infinitesimally complicated.

She draws comparisons between her life experiences and the secret lives of mosses.

This book is wonderfully written and provides such an incredibly perspective on a hidden world.

Our stories tell us that the Creator gave these to us, as original instructions. The foundation of education is to discover that gift within us and learn to use it well.

I am a HUGE fan of in depth looks into the mundane and this one was no exception!

I’ve noticed a tendency when scientists explain their research that it feels almost incomprehensible to the outsider…but that was never the case.

The author truly did a wonderful job explaining the significance of her years of research and experience to a lay audience.

Her love for her subject shown through and truly made this book a delightful read!

The audiobook was extremely well-read – the pacing was spot on and the excitement of the narrator was conveyed perfectly!

All in all, this book was absolutely fabulous!

Interested in this one from Robin Wall Kimmerer? Buy it here:  Amazon


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