Winter White and Wicked – Shannon Dittemore



A voice slips through a crack in the pane, tugging curls from my snarled white braids.

COME OUT AND PLAY, she says.

Sylvi’s island plunged into eternal winter ages ago. Its dark, desolate and despite the struggles throughout her life, Sylvi has managed to carve out a (somewhat) comfortable life for herself.

She has her own “rig” which she transports various cargo across the wintery mountains.

She has the companionship of “Winter” – a spirit which will sometime grant Sylvi blessings and will also sometimes makes Sylvi deal with even harsher conditions.

“Kindness does not make me weak. It allows others to be strong as well.”

Sylvi’s adopted sister (Sylvi lost her original parents, and then her adoptive one) is with the rebels and Sylvi knows no good will come of that.

When Mars Dresden – a rebel sympathizer – contacts Sylvi to deliver essential supplies.

“The rebels need you.”
“Not interested.”

Despite her misgivings, Sylvi agrees to transport his load across the wilderness in exchange for something she needs very, very much.

Together they mak a mad dash across the frozen landscape.

Will they make it in time? Will they even make it at all?

“He’s insane,” I whisper.


This one was high-energy for SURE!

The constant running and driving and running again definitely provided plenty of action to keep the adrenaline going for this book.

I quite liked the relationship Sylvi had with the winter spirit – it was definitely an intriguing and interesting aspect.

The myriad of side characters were fascinating – especially considering their various levels of human-ness.

Some of the characters felt a bit weak and the world-building did skip around a bit so I felt like I was stumbling to catch up at parts.

But overall, I think this one was a good book – a little bit out there but ultimately a good pick.

With thanks to Netgalley, Amulet Books and Shannon Dittemore for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Shannon Dittemore? Buy it here:  Amazon

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