Yellow Jessamine – Caitlin Starling


Evelyn Perdanu runs a tight ship.

She’s beyond wealthy, surrounded by loyal servants and is just-so-happening to be harboring the darkest of secrets.

She returns from her latest voyage and almost immediately her crew begins to act erratically before slipping into a deathless state.

Fearful that she’s brought a plague upon the (crumbling) city, she begins to investigate.

But what first seems to be a plague now appears to be something far more sinister.

As a skilled herbalist, and sometimes poisoner, she’s well aware of the ways of the plants.

But this? This madness and awareness and insanity is far beyond anything she’s ever seen.

And…it’s coming for her.

Whew. When this one started – solid 5 stars.

Absolutely INCREDIBLE beginning.

I loved the way the people were incrementally possessed. I loved the slow reveal of Evelyn’s dark (and disturbing) past.

And I adored the relationship between Evelyn and her faithful partner in crime (hey-o queer rep!)

However, I feel like the book took a turn for the worse.

It began pulling ideas from every direction and lost that cohesiveness…and the grand reveal just left me really confused. I read it twice and I think I got the gist of it…but again. Really confused.

I feel like this book would have really worked well if it was longer and all of these crazy-weird ideas were given time to develop more.

Great concept, just didn’t follow through for me.

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