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Down a Dark Hall – Lois Duncan


Kit Gordy’s mom just got married and during the absurdly long honeymoon, she’s shipped off to Blackwood Hall – an all-girl’s school that promises individual attention and personalized learning.

At first…she was okay about the idea. She’d do anything for her mother. But very quickly on, she realizes that there’s something…off about this school.

The dorm rooms are perfect, the education really is top-notch but…there’s only four girls in this school. And each of them seems incredibly odd in their own way.

There’s a creeping feeling that Kit keeps getting – one that she cannot shake and is screaming at her to run far, far away.

This book was pretty dang good.

I didn’t get any goosebumps or chills but I’m also twice the age of the target audience (ha).

I definitely was intrigued throughout and invested in this mystery.

Kit felt like a fabulous main character and I really enjoyed the secondary ones as well.

The atmosphere of this book is really well done and I’m really curious about what else Duncan has written!

Interested in this one from Lois Duncan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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