It Only Happens in the Movies – Holly Bourne


Audrey has sworn off romance – and NO not in a “totally swears it off but is secretly looking for love” – she actually means it.

She’s just gone through her first breakup, she’s seen her parent’s divorce, she’s read all the books and watched all the movies.

She knows every possible romance plot there could conceivably be and she says NO to all of them.

When her home life gets a little too much for her, she picks up a part-time job at the local cinema.

There she meets Harry.

And despite herself, she finds his corny jokes, his movie obsessions and his love for life addictive.

One thing leads to another and now she’s the star of his feminist zombie flick (the feminist bit was Audrey’s idea)…and despite swearing off romances…she can feel a small…small part of herself feeling the romance.

This one worked really, really well.

I love Audrey’s take on life and her story was really sweet…and surprisingly realistic!

It was so fun to see how the romantic tropes worked in this one. I feel like so many books focus on “finding love” and this one took that but also made things grounded.

It also poked fun at all the common tropes as part of Audrey’s “Research”.

I loved how this book showed that not all love was terrible (like the divorce or her first one) but to also know your worth.

The book ends on a really good note – kind of an anti-trope that really fit well.

With thanks to Netgalley. Holly Bourne and HMH Books for Young Readers

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