Snow & Rose – Emily Winfield Martin



Snow and Rose didn’t know that they were living in a fairy tale–people never do.

Snow and Rose once had the perfect family – a beautifully grand house, a loving mother and an adoring father.

But then one day, their father disappeared.

He went into the woods and never came back. And without their nobleman father, their gorgeous home soon was taken.

And their mother quickly faded from grief.

The only way is the scary way.

And so Snow and Rose head out into the woods – determined to save their family, no matter what.

‘To find out what a story’s really about,’ the Librarian said, ‘you don’t ask the writer. You ask the reader.’

I absolutely adored this story.

I’m a huge fan of fairytale retellings in general, and this one was no exception.

Much like many old stories, we go from event to event with things “just happening” at each place. The secondary characters aren’t super fleshed out and the magic had that inexplicable quality to it.

And yet, this worked really well. The author did a great job of giving this story an old-timey fairy-tale vibe.

I feel like so many kids in stories become too precocious or too old for their ages but Snow and Rose, both not even teenagers, felt realistic.

They both had such distinct personalities and they truly were a delight to read.

Also, the illustrations are absolutely beautiful – they truly lifted this book to a new level!

All in all, I liked that this book! Quite a gorgeous retelling of a classic tale.

Interested in this one from Emily Winfield Martin? Buy it here:  Amazon

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