The Girl From Far Away – Jennifer Austin


Jessica has spent her entire life dreaming about another Earth. On it lives Princess Ella, who has spent her entire life in preparation for Earth’s throne.

In Jessica’s dreams there’s four other superpowered teens in addition to the princess who are trying to save their world and the older Jessica gets, the more she wants to visit this world – if only for a moment.

And then….that happens.

Jessica falls into another world and gets to meet Ella in real life…unfortunately Jessica soon learns that her dreams are far different from reality.

So, this was a fun story.

Overall, the concept is something I’ve heard of before but at the same time, I enjoyed this version of it.

The plot was entertaining to me. There’s a lot of heart and time put in this book and it definitely came across while I was reading it.

I was intrigued by Jessica’s story from the start and after a bit of initial hesitation, I soon fell for Ella as well.

I feel like some of the side characters felt a bit one-note to me but it wasn’t overwhelming. And I wish the book was longer – cause there were quite a few scenes that I thought were great but they could’ve used a bit more page space to develop.

All in all, this was lovely read!

With thanks to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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