Skyhunter – Marie Lu


Mara is the last of the free nations and the Karensa Federation is closing in.

The Karensa have their most potent weapon, Ghosts, and with Mara already bloodied by the years-long war…the soldiers are closing in.

Ghosts used to be humans but through a cruel twist of fate and “science”, the Karensas have altered and twisted the human forms until they become giant hunting creatures – determined to maim, injure and kill every last Maran.

Talin is a refugee who fled to Mara with her mother years ago. Though she cannot speak, she has trained and honed her skills until she became one of the strongest Strikers in Mara.

But then, a mission goes horribly wrong and Talin’s partner is killed.

Disgraced and humiliated, she returns to the army only to find her position in jeopardy. Determined to not give up on her adoptive homeland, she takes a chance on a newcomer…and quickly finds that he might be the key to winning it all.

So, the science was a little wiggly but other than that, really enjoyed it!

I haven’t read many Marie Lu books that I enjoyed but this one worked surprisingly well for me.

I liked the concept (very attack-on-titan minus the walls and with a driving force behind the ghosts) and Talin was (mostly) a great main character. (She did have the tendency to point out the obvious…but it wasn’t overtly distracting).

I really adored her mysterious partner – he was the right level of balance for the main character and really cinched the book for me.

I do hesitate at the science. Some of what Marie came up with was plausible and some of it had me shaking my head. I was able to eventually just “let it go” enough to enjoy the story though!!

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