Clap When You Land – Elizabeth Acevedo


Camino Rios lives in the Dominican Republic. Every summer, her dad comes to visit and it’s the highlight of the year.

Yahaira Rios lives in New York City. Every summer, her dad leaves her to “visit” family in the DR.

One horrible day, both Camino and Yahaira realize that their dad dies on a plane crash on his way to the DR. And then they learn of each other.

Stunned by the loss and reeling from the realizations, the half-sisters will have to learn what it truly means to be family.

This was a surprisingly good book.

I’m not normally one for contemporaries – and even less so for “sad” contemporaries…but I enjoyed this one.

There was a level of raw emotion and real despair rarely seen in a YA book and that was tempered by love and familial support.

The pacing did feel a bit slow and other events were too sped up for me but at the end of the day…I enjoyed this book.

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