The Shadows Between Us – Tricia Levenseller


Alessandra has a plan – convince the Shadow King to marry her. Then kill him. Then inherit the kingdom.

It’s quite a brilliant and flawless plan.

The only problem? She’s starting to like him alive more than she wants to see him dead.

So. Essentially this book didn’t work for me.

The beginning is CRAZY intense – like 5/5 stars for me.

I loved the idea that she was just going to woo-and-kill the king and I couldn’t wait to see what happens after she achieved her plan.

But then she starts drawing things out.

First she needs to do this, then that, then there’s suspicion that needs to be diverted…then more problems…and what was originally very easy and straightforward gets dragged on and on and on. Very frustrating.

Eventually I realized that the author was going for the falling-in-love opposed to falling-in-the-grave angle which was alright…but it was disappointing.

It pulled this book away from a fresh, exciting concept into something more mundane and ordinary YA.

Plus…well… maybe it’s just me but I would’ve loved to see an evil YA heroine…and I was disappointed when she was shuffled to a more ordinary pathway.

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