The Key to Fear – Kristin Cast


No touching today for a healthy tomorrow.

The Key Corporation is the only thing standing between humanity and complete and utter destruction at the hands of a deadly virus (at least according to them).

Elodie has spent her entire life following the Key Corps rules – no kissing, no hugging, no touching.

She’s training to be a nurse and she cannot be for fulfilled in that position…but then the unthinkable happens. A terminally ill patient disappears.

To put this in perspective – this patient cannot move. But they are gone.

During her search, Elodie meets Aidan – a mysterious boy who is actively throwing away his future.

And at first she rolls her eyes at him…but the more she talks with him, the more she starts to wonder if she’s actually the one missing out…

SO…this one gets two stars for me for a few of reasons.

The characters felt boring & predictable.

Elodie is the straight-laced-rule-following-sweetheart, Aiden is the only-one-who-sees-through-the-corporations’-BS, Blair is the bland-evil-ruler-with-many-many-issues.

They just didn’t have a uniqueness that would entice me to follow their stories. Even Elodie (the main character) felt as exciting as watching paint dry.

And the other thing that really tanked it for me was that the dystopian world just didn’t feel new.

The more I think about it, the madder I get. Raise your hand if you’ve read a dystopian book with:

–An Evil Corporation that convinces the world it is good
–Crazy leaps in technology (i.e. literal personal bubbles) but otherwise society is stagnant (no fashion, language or religious changes)
–A handful of normal activities are purported as CRAZY WEIRD (i.e. hand-holding)
–ONLY a few of teenagers are able to notice that there’s something wrong with this world DESPITE being raised in it.
–The resistance is held together by a hope and a prayer and dollar-store quality
–The teenagers throw literally all of it away cause they just can’t handle not kissing.

Maybe it is truly bad or maybe I’m just burned out from too much YA. I honestly don’t know anymore.

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