Modern Comfort Food – Ina Garten


The premise of this cookbook is that right now, what we need most, is modern comfort food.

The past year has not been a good one and we might be needing some of that childhood deliciousness.

We are craving that gorgeous grilled cheese of our childhood but we also kinda want to make a bit more sophisticated than kraft + wonderbread.

So, Ina Garten has taken 85 recipes that are deeply rooted in comfort foods and has given them her own spin.

If you are craving nachos, cheese spread or toast – you can try fresh crab nachos, spicy pimento cheese spread or fig & cheese toasts.

If pot pies, tuna melts and BLT’s is more your style – you can try chicken pot pie soup, ultimate tuna melts and lobster BLT’s.

Overall, I really liked this one. The variety of the recipes is what really appealed to me.

There were easy elevations (i.e. swapping tomato soup and grilled cheese for creamy tomato bisque and cheddar & chutney grilled cheese).

And there were ones that I definitely didn’t see coming like baked rigatoni with lamb ragu.

There’s recipes for gatherings and ones for a fancy dinner with the spouse or a fabulous brunch with the in-laws.

There’s truly something for everything!

A huge thank you to Clarkson Potter for sending this one my way

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