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Review: Beneath Cruel Fathoms by Anela Deen on One Book More Blog

Oh my gosh! I love this review – and I cannot recommend this book enough!

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After a violent storm destroys her ship, Isaura Johansdottir knows better than to hope she’ll be rescued from Eisland’s vast Failock Sea. Adrift and alone, her plans to start over lost, it’s a tragic conclusion after the disastrous end of her marriage—until she’s saved by Leonel, one of the merfolk, a creature long believed extinct. In repayment for her life, Leonel enlists her help to investigate the Failock’s mysterious and deadly plague of squalls. But when Isaura discovers Eisland’s ruthless new Lord commands the storms, her life will be in more danger on land than it ever was at sea.

As guardian of the Fathoms, Leonel must find the cause of unnatural storms ravaging the tidal currents and destroying the sea life. There are rumors of dark magic stirring in the Orom Abyss, the resting place of old, vanquished gods who tried to submerge the land millennia ago. Yet…

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Beneath Cruel Fathoms – Anela Deen

★★★★★ Human bodies floated among the wreckage in breathless suspension, limbs flared at their sides, hair undulating... Isaura Johansdottir was traveling back to her father's home after a failed marriage when the unthinkable happened - her ship was struck down by an inexplicable storm. Just when all appears to be lost - she is saved by the… Continue reading Beneath Cruel Fathoms – Anela Deen