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Beneath Cruel Fathoms – Anela Deen



Human bodies floated among the wreckage in breathless suspension, limbs flared at their sides, hair undulating…

Isaura Johansdottir was traveling back to her father’s home after a failed marriage when the unthinkable happened – her ship was struck down by an inexplicable storm.

Just when all appears to be lost – she is saved by the most unlikely of fellows.

Leonel, youngest child of the goddess of the sea and a merman, has only ever known hate and dislike from his family. Even now, at thirty years old and appointed Guardian of the Fathoms, all he experiences is ostracism and loss.

He chases storm after storm – convinced that they are a clue to something horrible happening in his waters but no matter what he does, no one believes him.

So, he does the unthinkable – he breaks the Blue Laws to save a half-dead human girl. She might hold missing clue to what is happening.

Together this unlikely duo will have to save the world from a far greater threat than either of them ever could have imagined.

“Those are not the gods that who will save us.”

Ahhh. Guys. Gals. This book was absolutely brilliant.

I have NEVER in my entire life have found a merfolk book that I have liked.

(Seriously. Never. I wanted to – but the books were just annoying full of fishy puns or so unrealistic that I had trouble getting into them.)

THIS BOOK THOUGH – it sucked me in from the very first chapter. I could not put it down. Literally.

The characters were stunning and I absolutely adored them. Isaura’s struggle with infertility felt so heartbreakingly real that I just wanted to give her a hug.

Why had she thought he would still love her after learning she was broken?

And Leonel’s isolation – he needed a hug too!

“Who guards the guardian, Leonel?”

And the setting! Oh my gosh. That was BRILLIANTLY done.

The underwater world felt so realistic – I was completely convinced of this underwater society. It was vibrant and beautiful.

The intricate plot was gorgeous and so gripping. I’m still reeling from that ending. I don’t know how I will survive until book 2.

Please excuse me, cause if this book is ANY indication – I need to read everything this author has ever written.

“I feel like myself again when I’m with you. When we’re together, I don’t feel broken.”

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Anela Deen? Buy it here:  Amazon

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