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Inheritance – Christopher Paolini



Why does everything have to be so hard? [Eragon] wondered.

Because, said Saphira, everyone wants to eat, but no one wants to be eaten.

This book makes my heart happy.

Eragon has graduated from isolated farmboy to savior of the kingdom. Along the way, he’s faced trials, tribulations and terror. 

He’s fought the shade, the Ra’zac, Murtagh and more. All that’s left is to defeat King Galbatorix. Easier said than done.

The king has held his long reign through more than sheer luck. He’s stockpiled unimaginable power – power so great that despite all of the training in the world, Eragon and Sapphira can barely hold a candle to the evil king.

But fight they must, for the alternative is far more terrifying than either of them are willing to comprehend.

“I am not who I was,” he whispered, gripping the edges of the column, “but I know who I am…And I won’t give up.”

GAH! I’m just overwhelmed with love.

For context – I first read this series in middle school and absolutely adored it.

Now, that I’m 25, I’ve decided to go for a reread – all the while crossing my fingers that I still love it (am I the only one who gets scared by rereads? What if the book doesn’t hold to my memories? What if younger-me had bad taste?)

And oh thank goodness – I still love this series. 

The first one will always be my favorite but all in all, I’m really pleased by the way this series turned out.

Angela and the werecats absolutely riveted.

What little we know of Angela’s origins is expanded upon in this novel…though, instead of filling in the gaps, I feel like it’s creating whole new ones. I’m so curious about her life – this girl deserves her own book! 

I love at the hints of Nasuada and Murtagh – that pairing completely blindsided me at first but it developed so slowly and naturally that I am just crossing my fingers that there will be a later book that wraps up that story line.

And honestly, I wasby the lack of Eragon and Arya.

Logically, I totally understand why the author did that for the time being (Eragon IS of age, but he’s still SO much younger than her)…and yet, just one sentence or two to hint at a future romance would have just cinched this story for me.

Overall – loved it the first time through, and every time I read it, I fall a little bit more in love.

Audiobook Comments
Really enjoyed this audio, Murtagh’s accent was a cool drink of water on a hot day. Sapphira’s accent was a congested Yoda gargling nails.

Interested in this one from Christopher Paolini? Buy it here:  Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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