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A Tale of Two Daddies


★★★ ½

“My Friend Lincoln says you have two dads.”
“That’s right. Poppa and Daddy.”

A little girl is playing on the playground when a boy visits her…with a few “tough” questions.

He wants to know if she has two dads (she does) and what they do.

“Poppa’s the one when I need braids. Daddy is there when I’m afraid.”

The little girl continues to play, all the while explaining how having two dads works for her family.

“Daddy is my soccer coach. Poppa cooks me eggs and toast.”

All in all, this was a short and fun book.

I adored the illustrations – they were so simple and dynamic!

I also enjoyed the simplistic language regarding such a hot-button topic. I think it would have fit a little better to have a few short sentences at the beginning.

As of now, the book progresses from: “You have two dads?” immediately to: “Which dad does this? Which one does that?”

I feel like something is needed to bridge the abrupt subject change.

Other than that, this is a sweet book that walks children through what it’s like with a double-dad family. Definitely a keeper!

I received a free copy via netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Vanita Oelschlager? Buy it here:  Amazon

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