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Relay – Roy Lieberman



That morning, Dad lost his car keys. Again.

Russ’s dad cannot find his keys…but lucky for him, Russ heard a few things..

“…a strange buzzing sound did wake me up last night.”

Russ decides to investigate… and finds something astonishing.

“I snuck out of bed and couldn’t believe my eyes! A small blimp was floating next to the staircase…

And when Russ’s younger brother (Ben) wants to know exactly how this works, Russ has all three answers:

“I saw tiny people making the machines go! One machine opened the cabinet drawer and another machine grabbed your keys and yanked them out!”

Dad’s keys are passed from machine to machine, narrowly avoiding hazards such as the sink and toilet!

Will Dad find his keys? Or will they be lost forever???

Overall, I liked this one!

I loved the exasperated dad who just wanted to find his keys and the increasingly wild and improbable story Russ used to tell his dad where they are.

The story was so fun to read – thoroughly enjoyable from cover to cover!

I think this would be a hit with kids – after all, who doesn’t wonder what happens at night? And how keys get lost?

The drawings of the construction equipment and keys were so much fun to look at.

I adored how the fuzzy fluff on the keychain had these big round eyes that progressively got bigger as the keys were passed along.

Honestly, more adult books should be illustrated – makes the books so much fun!

I was given a free copy in exchange for a honest review

Interested in this one from Roy Lieberman? Buy it here:  Amazon

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