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The Queen of What Remains – Brian Pacini



“Congrats. We’re all bad people. But at least we’re alive bad people.”

The apocalypse has come and gone. 

The band of teenagers, known as the Tribe of Iodine Wine, has teamed up with the “LDS” kids and the “Mexican” kids and have made their escape from the military complex into the wilds.

They’ve made peace with the locals, established a base (of sorts) and have begun rebuilding the society they left behind.

And just when they really seem to have gotten a handle on this whole surviving-the-apacolypse thing…they are completely shaken to the core.

Kevin and Pax, their unofficial leaders, are gone and between the infighting, the struggle for survival and the dark side if human nature…. what’s left of the tribe is crumbling.

“If America falls, the world falls. What comes next – the brutality, oppression, savagery – that’s the norm; that’s the bulk of human history.”

Fetty – former refugee, “mean girl” and current huntress – struggles to piece together where everything went wrong. 

And the more she looks, the less she wants to know.

I run through the forest hidden from everyone except the crows. They follow me…

Michael – haunted by the results of his actions – twists with anxiety and horror.

What if everyone finds out…? And what if they never know…

I feel the truth straight through to my bones. This isn’t the start of the apocalypse. No, this is just the return to our normal.

Eva – well let’s just say, Eva has her own plans…

Evil is a learned addiction that takes hold faster than any drug.

The Tribe of Iodine Wine is about to face their worst fears – can they hold it together long enough to survive in this post-apocalypse worldor will they die trying?

Then it hits me: I no longer have a home.

Wow – an absolutely thrilling sequel! 

After that mind-blowing first novel, I really didn’t know how Pacini could have followed it but rest assured – this sequel delivered.

The plot was exciting and engaging – I was absolutely riveted from the get-go!

Much like the first novel there was an absolute ton happening – multiple perspectives, interweaving storylines and a few timejumps – but they all came together in a really cohesive story.

The characters – already rather fleshed out from the first novel – really grew into their personalities.

In addition, I was pleased that several relatively minor characters from book 1 were brought to life.

Fetty (my favorite) was completely different from the first book, but her character evolved so naturally that it was only at the end that I realized what a journey she’s been on.

This sequel is definitely not one to miss and I am eagerly awaiting the third novel. Cannot wait to find out what happens next!

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Brian Pacini? Buy it here:  Amazon

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