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Are We French Yet? – Keith Van Sickle


★★★★ ½

Val looked at me and said, “This would never happen back home.”

Keith and Val, two Americans, have fallen in love with France. After all, who hasn’t?

Magic seems to happen to us in France.

What began as a semi-annual adventure has turned it a three-month-per-year commitment.

Are We French Yet? is a collection of vignettes regarding the fun, different and utterly eccentric ways of the folk across the pond.

Val and Keith find lasting friends among the French and the learning curve makes their heads spin!

Val seems to take to everything right away and Keith…well, he struggled a bit.

If this was part of my French education, I’d just flunked the midterm.

From learning the language to learning the culture – they have plenty of misadventures to keep them on their toes.

Val tried to explain that many of the grocery stores in the US are actually quite good. But debating with a French person about food? Trust me, you’re going to lose.

Overall, this was a fun foray into a foreign land! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. The vignettes were sweet, charming and full of puzzling French trivia.

But leave it to the French to be different.

It was fun to have a book all about integrating into a culture later in life – there’s so many unique challenges to that I hadn’t considered before.

I did notice that while the vignettes were loosely connected, but they didn’t seem to have a strong storyline to them…which did make following the book a bit difficult…but then again, I was sent the second book of the series, so perhaps reading the first one would put things into perspective.

Overall, this was a fun, light read. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it and I look forward to what Keith Van Sickle writes next!

Clever, those French.

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Keith Van Sickle? Buy it here:  Amazon

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