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Arabella and the Magic Pencil – Stephanie M. Ward


★★★★ ½

She was the only child of a duke and duchess who doted on their delightful daughter

Beloved Arabella is used to having things her way – not in a mean or bratty way – just her way. 

She’s always been the apple of her parents eye and she loves being their only child.

Except… Avery came along.

Arabella loved Avery, of course, but sometimes it was very difficult to like him. He was a master of mayhem.

And he ruins everything – crying and whining and tantruming.

When the time came for her next wish, Arabella asked for a magic pencil – one that could make anything she drew became real.

Arabella uses her new pencil to make a rainbow hippo, singing flowers and bicycles that can fly…but then her brother comes along.

“Avery, you’ve ruined everything!” she screamed.

And so…she does something completely and utterly unlike her – she erases him.

And nothing is the same – absolutely nothing.

What should she do?

What can she do? 
Well, no matter what – she needs to do something, and soon… before it’s too late!

I was impressed with this book! For such a short story, it did a really nice job of conveying the thoughts and feelings of a first-time big sister.

Arabella was such a delightful main character. I loved her personality and creativity.

She had such fun, imaginative wishes (which completely endeared me to her) – everything from a pink puppy to a real-life fairy.

(Though on a side note – that seems like the whole granting-wishes thing is a reallllly powerful tool to place in a young child’s hands – maybe not the best idea the future duchess…?)

Also, I absolutely loved the pictures – they truly brought this world to life.

I’m a firm believer that picture books hinge on the illustrations for success and this one did not disappoint. (BJ Novak’s book with no pictures as a rare exception to my illustration rule).

They were whimsical and sweet and wonderfully delightful. They matched the tone of the book really well and did a great job of conveying Arabella’s sorrow at the loss of her brother.

And did I mention there’s a paper doll that goes along with the book? So. Incredibly. Cute.

All in all – this book was extremely well done and I had a such a fun time reading it and I’m sure all my little cousins will feel the same!

With a huge thanks to the author and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Stephanie M. Ward? and Shaney Hyde (illustrations)? Buy it here – Amazon.

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