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Book – David W. Miles & Natalie Hoopes



Black words. On white paper.

No buttons.
No bonus levels.
Not a single sound, in fact.

A little boy takes a closer look at a book.

At first…there’s nothing really that appealing.

There’s words. And pages. But what else?

They aren’t as flashy or as bright as computer games...but then he looks closer and closer…and discovers something quite magical.

…and you’re suddenly in a place that only you can imagine.

Like wild and whimsical worlds full of unimaginable creatures and friends. Journeys across space and time. And best of all –

You can say goodbye
without feeling sad, because
you know you can come back
as often as you wish.

Well, it should go as no surprise that I love books about books…and when there’s a book about books WITH illustrations – ahhh. Heaven.

I can honestly say I never read a book like this when I was a kid – though, to be fair, I didn’t have a lot of screen-time back then.

I liked how this book encouraged and challenged children to put down their screens and enjoy the magic of the printed page.

And I loved the illustrations that went along with it. Children’s books absolutely hinge on illustrations and this one did not disappoint.

My favorite page? Has a dancing pig, a bird perched on a girl’s head, an alligator in a button down and a grandma fairy with wings (which on a side note – the world needs more grandma-fairies. Fingers crossed that that becomes a thing!).

All in all, a sweet, calming bedtime book. Perfect for lulling kids into slumberland!

With many thanks to the author and Familius for sending this beautiful copy my way in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from David W. Miles & David W. Miles? Buy it here:  Amazon

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