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Why Evergreens Keep Their Leaves – Annemarie Riley Guertin



As she slept, a strong gust of wind shook her from her cozy nest…Little Redbird tumbled out and fell onto the cold, hard ground.

Poor little Redbird is injured just before winter sets in and she is desperate.

“May I live in your warm branches until spring returns?”

She tries a silvery-white birch, an oak and a maple but they all refuse her…that is until she stumbles upon one tree that doesn’t turn her away.

So, Little Redbird built a warm nest inside the fir tree’s branches and waited for winter’s arrival

But what will happen when the Frost Queen and her son, Jack, arrive? Will they destroy Redbird’s home? Or will the evergreen get to keep their leaves?

Okay. So, I will admit…I am a twenty-six year old lady with NO child.

However, as someone who avidly reads children’s books (from childhood until…well…I still read them), I definitely enjoyed it and I think the kiddos will as well.

The pacing for this story is a bit slow (in a calming, sleepy, bed-timey sort of way) but sometimes you don’t need a rough-and-tumble monkeys-on-the-bed sorta book.

I could definitely see my mom and myself (a much younger self) reading this one on a cold and cozy wintry night.

I liked the storyline – it was wintry but not Christmasy. I love (love) Christmas themed picture books but sometimes you just need a wintery one.

One fun thing about the book is when Redbird talks to the surrounding trees and attempts to get them to take her in but they all have reasons not to (i.e. maple tree makes syrup). It’s a good way to introduce where food comes from/what trees do (besides grow).

I especially loved the inclusion of the Frost Queen and Jack Frost – always my favorite characters in any story.

The images were well-done and engaging. I loved the artistic style of the trees and Redbird was such a pretty little bird! Children’s books absolutely hinge on the illustrations and wow Helena delivered!

All in all – really enjoyed this book!!

With thanks to the author and Familius for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Annemarie Riley Guertin and  Helena Perez Garcia ? Buy it here:  Amazon

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